Star Stable Planet is a community and guide fansite for the game Star Stable, owned by Star Stable player Alexandra Sunpaw.

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Star Stable Planet is no longer active. The information on this website is not up to date.

Thank you for contributing to SSP! ♥

– Alexandra Sunpaw







38 thoughts on “Home

      1. Hi I was banned from my account for YEAR and I have no clue as to why! 😦
        Please see if u could help me!


      2. Hi! Unfortunately I’m not a part of the SSO team so there’s nothing I can do about that, sorry. But they wouldn’t ban you for no reason, so I would send an email to them if you really want to know.


  1. Maybe they got the wrong person or you tried to enter a area you wouldn’t wayyy to many times it says that if you we leval 10 and tried to go to the Vally Of the hidden dinosaur.


  2. Hi this is a great blog!

    anyway I need social advise stat I always feel like I want to speak my mind on SSO but I’m afraid of what might happen and how do I stop this and what should I do if I post a comment that may a fend people.



    1. Hey, thank you! 😀 And I know EXACTLY how you feel :’P Just don’t be afraid to speak your mind, everyone has their own opinion! I used to be like that also and I was soo afraid of saying anything.. but I found a group of online friends that I felt really comfortable talking to and it really helped. Sorry if my advice isn’t much help, I’m not the best at socializing either xD


    1. No problem 🙂 And yes, I think it’s best to learn it since you’re switching, but it’s probably harder than it looks…idk if French is hard to learn since I’m learning to speak German but GL anyways! 😀


  3. The only thing i hate about the opana is that it sucks that you have to be over level 14…. i am only level 12 and it really does suck for me……. no offense….. still love the website!!! 🙂


  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I am a level 15 player and have not been able to unlock golden hills valley. I would be very happy if anyone knows of a certain quest needed to get in. Thanks.


    1. Yes, you need to do a quest to unlock Golden Hills Valley. Originally you were supposed to get it when you got to level 14 but since Star Stable has added in a bunch of quests you should receive the quest about half-way through level 15 now, I think.


    1. have you gotten the quest to start building the stable in dino valley? you have to build your reputation before they send you on errands to find water for the stable to have a well


  5. Hiya, does pine hill mansion from ssl have a spot somewhere in sso? The only place I could think of was somewhere possibly around firgrove but I’ve only played ssl and the online version of sso so I’m not sure xD


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